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About us

Limited Liability Company “ÌEOPLUS” was founded on August 25, 1997.

The Company’s personnel - 19 persons.

The motto of our work – honesty and competence

The Company works in the sphere of environmental protection and in different branches of geology.

The most important spheres are as follows:

· Hydrogeology (analytical and numeric modelling of groundwater flow and migration of substances, design and establishment of groundwater monitoring networks, execution of the relevant observations, design of well fields and dewatering systems at construction sites, preparation of passports of groundwater deposits, calculations of protection zones around well fields and quarry depression cones)

· Geoecology (studies of the environmental quality, contamination of groundwater, topsoil and soil, investigations prior to remediation)

· Mining geology (different stages of exploration, approval of reserves, preparation of extraction projects)

· Geotechnical investigations (preliminary geotechnical investigations, geotechnical investigations for Category I structures)

· Geochemistry any hydrochemistry (various regional and local investigations and mapping)

· Preparation of geological, hydrogeological and geochemical information for the needs of territorial planning

· Environmental monitoring

· Environmental impact assessment

· Legal consultations in geological and environmental issues

· Analysis of legislation and geological / hydrogeological / geochemical basic data for the preparation  of legal and administrative acts, harmonisation of the Latvian and EU legislation

We use both traditional technologies and modern methods. Highly qualified geologists work within our company, who will assist in the solution of any problems associated with geology and environment.

Our priorities:

· high quality of executed operations

· fast execution of operations

· co-operation

Our difference from our colleagues:

We are able to unite modern science and experience with commercial activities and your wishes.

Our history and participation in important projects


1997 – 2000 – “Geochemical mapping of Latvia. Scale 1: 500,000”. Within the framework of that programme, in co-operation with the State Geological Survey of Latvia (SGSL), “Ìeoplus” Ltd., ensured long-term execution of field operations, generalisation and computer processing of the acquired geochemical data. As a result of that co-operation, SGSL prepared a set of geochemical maps for the whole Latvian territory in 2001. “Geochemical Atlas of the Latvian Topsoils” was published in 2002.


The joint project “Agricultural Influences on Groundwater, Latvia” was implemented in 2000 - 2006 with the participation of SGSL and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland. Within the framework of that project, regional agricultural contamination in Latvia was investigated for the first time, the spectrum of priority pesticides was determined, as well as the distribution of various microelements in the Latvian groundwater.


The project “Determination of threshold values of quality at the Latvian groundwater bodies” (2006 – 2007). The work was carried out in the context of the 2006 EU Groundwater Directive based on an order from the Ministry of Environment.


“Ìeoplus” Ltd. started its participation in the project Northern Europe Geochemistry” (NEG project) in 2006. Within the framework of that project, we co-operate with the geological surveys of Sweden, Finland and Norway, Scientific-Industrial Enterprise “Mineral” (St. Petersburg, Russia) and the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Agency. The main target of the project is to generalise and unite the existing geochemical information for Northern Europe. Various geochemical studies were conducted in all the European countries.


“Ìeoplus” Ltd. started its participation in the project “GEOCHEMICAL MAPPING OF AGRICULTURAL AND GRAZING LAND SOIL OF EUROPE” (GEMAS) in 2006. Within the framework of that project, geochemical maps of Europe will be prepared using a unified methodology. The acquired geochemical information and methodological solutions could be used in detailed geochemical investigations in any European country.

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